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Karel as an adult

NASA Pictures

A few years ago I was into astronomy and its beautiful pictures. I collected some nice wallpapers for my desktop, and although I don't use the collection anymore, it seems a shame to discard. So why not park it right here!

The pictures all were distributed by NASA, and I guess they'll also be copyrighted material. But it's been a while, and they were published freely -- I don't think it's a big breach of IP when I reproduce the pictures here. (If you think otherwise, drop me a note.

The thumbnails are below. If you want to see a blown up version, click. (And yes, I know the page is insanely long and takes ages to load. Tough luck, I'm not rewriting it into a "page X of Y" version. Next thing you know, someone will want a search function... Just go grab a coffee, walk the dog, do your shopping, cook dinner, and then come back.) Oh, btw, you can view this as a video-wall if you have CoolIris for Firefox. Want to know more? Read my CoolIris Mini HOWTO.