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Karel as an adult

Dial 0800 Whatever

It's thursday and rainy and I'm bored.

I really cannot come up with anything useful to do. Well I can think of a few things, but they are no fun whatsoever. My mind gently drifts off. I begin wondering how those fancy words in phone numbers come to be. Dial 0800-JESUS-SAVES! Would there be a fancy word for my phone number as well?

So I get the ispell wordlist and hack a little Perl script. Here is the result. Enter a phone number in the box below (no spaces, only digits allowed). You will see a list of matching words. Most of them will be nonsence - the script will blissfully show that each digit 2 can successfully be replaced by the word a, and each 4 by i. I can't help it either, 'a' and 'I' are in the wordlist and the script is mechanically dumb.

Try it below if you fancy. E.g., if your phone number contains 63779 then you will see messy in the shown list. But also merry.

Enter a phone number: